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                “Man, it’s nice to get out of that asylum.”
                “Yeah it is.”
“Oh come on guys, it’s not that bad.”
“Laura, you gotta be joking, just because you like school doesn’t mean we have to.”
“I never said you had to like it. I just said that it’s not that bad. Besides, Brian, you like school as much as I do.”
“Not this year. I’m rebelling against the authorities.”
“Yeah whatever you say rebel.” Laughter erupted between us. “So Sarah do you really think school is bad enough to call it an asylum? I mean it sounds like you’re calling us all crazy loons.”
“You are a bunch of crazy loons, enjoying sitting there for like six hours, wasting the day and our lives.”
“Well, what else would you d
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New ID cause I hate the other by fairyleaves New ID cause I hate the other :iconfairyleaves:fairyleaves 0 1 Come and get me by fairyleaves Come and get me :iconfairyleaves:fairyleaves 0 1 transformation by fairyleaves transformation :iconfairyleaves:fairyleaves 2 2
“Well Kat, how are you surviving today?” I didn’t hear her. “Kat, hello anyone in that empty head of yours?”
“Who is that?” She glanced in the direction I was looking.
“The new kid?”
“Yeah, Jess, who is he?”
“His name is Nick. I don’t know anything else about him, yet. He is in my math class though.”
“He’s kinda strange isn’t he, just sitting alone like that.”
“Well it is HIS first day so he doesn’t know anyone yet. Plus it’s the first day of school. People aren’t looking for new friends. They’d prefer to stick with old ones.” She shrugged like it made no difference to her.
“I know that, but it seems to be more than that. Look at how he’s sitting.”
“He sat like that all through math too. It seems normal for him.”
“Jess that’s not normal for anyone.”
“Go talk to him then.”
“What? Me? No way!”
“Go on. I
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I call Shananagins!!!!!
United States
Current Residence: Hellhole, NY
Favourite genre of music: As long as it has an awesome beat or intresting lyrics i'll listen to it
Favourite cartoon character: Mandy from Anarchy, and many, many others (lots of disney characters included in that)
Personal Quote: U can spend a 1,000 years looking for your soulmate when all u got to do is close ur eyes & wait
  • Listening to:'s premire night :O
  • Reading: The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Watching: The comp.
  • Eating: nothin, just finished dinner
  • Drinking: water
First of all, my birthday is in less than 2 weeks :party: I'm turing 16....I can't wait...even if I'm not getting a party...*pouts*

Ssssooooo how's everyone doing? Haven't been around much. And believe me when I say I have a good reason:

SCHOOL *groans* @_@

~I have to admit it's not that bad, but it's boring.
~Chem moves fast for being a morning class, but the teach doesn't teach it well enough, for me anyway. I end up lost partway into a "lesson" and then I have to figure it out on my own. The lab for the class isn't much better.
~Jazz band isn't bad, I just can't wait to finally start playing the music, my teach keeps going over theory and all that and I have to say most of it is going over my head...I learn better through. Although, this sunday Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Orchestra are playing at UPAC and I think I might be going to see them. I can't wait, even if it sounds weird.
~PreCalc is...interesting....that's all I have to say
~OMG I accually fit a study hall in my schedule by dropping DDP. It's beautiful. I go downstairs and hang out with the 6th grades, or just an empty classroom, which strangly is much nicer than staying in my study hall classroom. Sure I sometimes have to grade papers, but that's really calming :D
~Then it to Dum...Dum....Dum....A.P. U.S. History...whoopy. It's not as bad as I feared it would be. I'm actually enjoying it, except I'm fearing Fridays word...seminar :dead:
~English is a breaze. I'm in the "dumb" class, so I'm one of the few who understands anything, so I'm usually left alone and I can do just about anything I want. That is as long as I follow along, which isn't a problem cause we're reading The Scarlet Letter, which I kinda like...and yet we're only on the 2nd chapter o.O
~Then I get lunch, where I get time to have a conversation concerning books or movies, which for me is just awesome. Speaking of which I suggest to any girl (or I guess a guy could read it too) who likes vampires and werewolves to read the series by Stephenie Meyer. It starts with Twilight.
~Then I have D&P, which I LOVE!
~And then there is chours, which is alright, I get through it with no prob. Except when a certain someone sits next to me and sings in a very wobbly pitch that throws me way way way off.
~or I have gym, which I HATE. I'm not a very physically fit person.

So there is my new school rant....The one good thing I can say is that I am more motivated to write now, bad thing is it isn't really about my main story :dead: again....

Well I'm gonna try balancing DA into my school life, but I don't know how well that's gonna go, so comment and I'll try to respond.

Oh and I'm finally repainting my room...It's gonna be GREEN!!!!! And my sister finally went home after spending the summer with us. I really really miss my nephews. Talking on the phone or over the comp just isn't the same *shakes head sadly*

Well thank you for listening to me and all that jazz, talk to you guys later.

Friends (I think...:confused: ) from G-town:
:iconemily-ree:, :iconbarncat:, :iconchelle91belle:, :iconbluevassel:

:iconcutekittami:, :iconjediknightryan:, :iconsomethingaboutacow:

Awesome people on DA who watch me (think I gots everyone....let me know if I missed you :)):
:iconcaboostdragon:, :icondarksoul-wolf:, :icondogaholic63:, :iconelpufferfish:,
:iconfiredarkdragon:, :iconimaginedmoments:, :iconjasiven:, :iconkaharu:,
:iconkuroi-hitsuji:, :iconliquidfire101:, :iconlunewen:, :iconluperescuerii:,
:iconmidnight-vixen:, :iconpainted-poison:, :iconphoenix-cry:, :iconshaoran-kun:,
:iconsirmatt:, :iconchained2stone:, :iconstarrlion:, :iconsuelita:,
:iconsunny-boulevard:, :icontheorangetree:, :icontigereyetw:, :iconwhitewingedanwe:,
:iconwindancer53:, :iconzeona:, :iconsekhmet-neseret:, :iconmalefic3:,
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:iconkevin88-luciferi:, :icondalarminus:, :iconrio-de-janeiro:, :icontrygothic:

:iconfaerycircle:, :iconkitsune-haven:, :iconlionkingfanclub:, :iconthe-wolger-pack:, :icontheword:, :iconteh-game:

An awesome help to any writer who needs insperation now and then:

And check out my other page just for my story :iconlostyears:   (icon was done by :iconamuria: :boogie: )


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Now if we could all take a moment and mourn fairyleaves. It shall live forever in my heart!
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